A Law of One Glossary

By Michelle Holt, Tobey Wheelock, Carla Rueckert, and anonymous.

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Abrogate πŸ”
To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority.

Accoutrements πŸ”
Accessory items of equipment or dress.

Accreted πŸ”
Accumulated by gradual or small additions.

Adit πŸ”

Adonai πŸ”
A name for the Creator or God.

Aegis πŸ”
Guidance, support, or protection.

Allopathic πŸ”
Having to do with conventional medical treatment (drugs, surgery, etc.).

Analog πŸ”
Person or thing seen as comparable to another, parallel.

Andrija Puharich πŸ”
(1918–1995) Scientist, inventor, and author; researched paranormal mental abilities. Also known as Henry Puharich.

Androgynous πŸ”
Having both female and male characteristics; hermaphroditic.

Annihilatory πŸ”
Causing complete destruction.

Antithetical πŸ”
Directly opposed or contrasted.

Apportion πŸ”
To apportion is to divide and assign according to a plan. Ra uses β€œapportion” as a noun, possibly meaning β€œa carefully allotted segment.”

Appurtenances πŸ”
Accessories used for a specific purpose or task. Ra used the term to refer to the items that they recommended placing at Carla’s head as she channeled: a virgin chalice of water, a Bible opened to John chapter one, incense in a virgin censer, and a white candle. See 2.6.

Arcana πŸ”
Plural of arcanum.

Arcanum πŸ”
Refers to a tarot card; literally: a secret or mystery.

Architrave πŸ”
In classical architecture, the lowermost part of an entablature, resting directly on top of the columns.

Asperity πŸ”
Harshness, severity.

Asseverate πŸ”
To declare seriously or positively; affirm.

Asymptotically πŸ”
In the manner of an asymptote; approaching indefinitely near, but only meeting at infinity.

Athanor πŸ”
A furnace that feeds itself so as to maintain a uniform temperature; used by alchemists.

Auriel πŸ”
Archangel of the earth.

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Benignant πŸ”
Kind, gracious; beneficial.

Buckler πŸ”
Small round shield held by a handle or worn on the forearm.

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Cabalistic πŸ”
β€œFrom mouth to ear.”

Cant πŸ”
To set at an oblique angle; tilt.

Caparisoned πŸ”
Outfitted with an ornamental covering or rich clothing.

Cartouche πŸ”
In Egyptian hieroglyphs, an oval with a horizontal line at one end, indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name or a god.

Catalyst πŸ”
An agent that provokes change or action.

Cavil πŸ”
Make petty or unnecessary objections.

C.C. Zain πŸ”
Pen name used by Elbert Benjamine (1882–1951); co-author (along with The Church of Light) of the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot.

Cepheus πŸ”
A constellation in the northern sky.

Chaffer πŸ”

Chaldea πŸ”
A country of southern Mesopotamia in the 1st millennium BCE, in modern-day Iraq; inhabitants referred to as the Chaldees or Chaldeans.

Chary πŸ”
Cautious, wary, shy, ungenerous.

Chirurgeon πŸ”
Archaic for surgeon.

Cipher πŸ”
A zero; a numerical figure β€œ0”.

Condign πŸ”
Desired, adequate, helpful.

Confederation πŸ”
The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator; β€œallied in service according to the Law of One”.

Confluence πŸ”
A place where things merge or flow together (especially rivers).

Contumely πŸ”
Insolent or insulting language or treatment.

Coulomb’s Law πŸ”
In physics, a law that measures and explains the strength of the electrical force between two charged particles.

Crux Ansata πŸ”
The ankh, or β€œcross with a handle,” Egyptian symbol of life: β˜₯.

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Deleterious πŸ”
Having a harmful effect; injurious.

Demesne πŸ”
Domain; territory over which rule or control is exercised.

Deneb πŸ”
A star in the constellation of Cygnus, 2620 light years from Earth.

Density πŸ”
According to Ra, there are seven densities in our octave of experience, and we currently inhabit the third.

Devachanic πŸ”
According to Ra: 1) the plane above the astral, corresponding to blue ray; 2) the light body or blue-ray body.

Dewey Larson πŸ”
(1898–1990) Engineer and author; developed theories concerning the fundamental nature of the universe.

Ding an sich πŸ”
Thing in itself (German).

Dinoflagellate πŸ”
A group of mostly microscopic organisms that live in water; some have exterior plates that come in many varied shapes.

Distortion πŸ”
In Ra’s terms, anything that moves away from undistorted unity.

Ditties πŸ”
Short, simple songs.

Doughty πŸ”
Marked by fearless resolution.

Duodenum πŸ”
The first part of the small intestine; receives food from the stomach.

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Ectoplasm πŸ”
A manifestation of the astral body or green-ray body.

Efficacious πŸ”
Producing a desired effect.

Effulgent πŸ”
Shining brightly; radiant.

Γ‰lan vital πŸ”
The vital force or impulse of life; a creative principle inherent in all organisms and responsible for evolution.

Emblements πŸ”
Crops that are cultivated by a tenant, who therefore owns the harvest.

Entablature πŸ”
In classical architecture, an ornate, horizontal support beam over columns or a wall.

Entropy πŸ”
Gradual decline into disorder or chaos.

Esmerelda Sweetwater πŸ”
Protagonist, echoing Carla’s personality, in The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater, written in 1968–69 by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert.

Esurient πŸ”
Hungry or greedy.

Etherea πŸ”
Spiritual worlds.

Etiolated πŸ”
Made pale or thin.

Euphonious πŸ”
Pleasant-sounding, melodious.

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George Fathman πŸ”
Author of The Royal Road β€” A Study in the Egyptian Tarot; Key to Sacred Numbers and Symbols.

Geste πŸ”
Gesture, performance.

Gladsome πŸ”

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Giving or causing joy; delightful.

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Habiliment πŸ”
Clothing, especially the clothing associated with a special occasion or office.

Harvest πŸ”
The process by which entities graduate into the density most comfortable to them.Β  When an entity is harvested, its spirit complex moves along a line of light until the light becomes too glaring.Β  The point at which it stops is the vibration or density in which it will experience its next cycle of incarnations.

In third density, harvests occur after each 25,000-year β€œmajor cycle,” as well as at the end of the complete 75,000-year β€œmaster cycle.”  In addition, entities who consciously open the gateway to intelligent infinity can choose to be harvested at any time during the master cycle.

At harvest, entities heal themselves, distill the experience of the density, and then choose the most appropriate new environment for themselves.Β  Ra says that the process is watched over and facilitated by angelic presences, by members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, and by guardians from the next octave of Creation.

See also the synopsis.

Henry Puharich πŸ”
(1918–1995) Scientist, inventor, and author; researched paranormal mental abilities. Also known as Andrija Puharich.

Heraclitus πŸ”
A 6th-century BCE Greek philosopher.

Hierophant πŸ”
Interpreter, priest; the fifth Major Arcanum of the tarot. In Ra’s terms, the Significator of the Mind.

Histaminic πŸ”
Related to histamine, part of the body’s immune response to injury or allergic reaction.

Hod πŸ”
Hebrew word for β€œsplendor,” referring to the 8th station on the Tree of Life.

Honestation πŸ”
Adornment, grace.

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Ileum πŸ”
The third and last part of the small intestine, located between the jejunum and the start of the large intestine.

Imhotep πŸ”
27th-century BCE Egyptian healer, writer, and architect; highest official under the pharaoh Djoser, and architect of the Djoser Pyramid or Step Pyramid.

In esse πŸ”
In itself.

Inchoate πŸ”
Just begun and so not fully formed or developed, rudimentary.

Ineffable πŸ”
Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

Ipsissimus πŸ”
In western white magical systems based on the Tree of Life, the highest grade or level of initiation.

Irrefragably πŸ”

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Jehoshua πŸ”
The name, of Hebrew origin, that Ra uses for Jesus of Nazareth.

Jejunum πŸ”
The second and middle part of the small intestine, located between the duodenum and the ileum.

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Ka πŸ”
According to Ra, the β€œform-maker” or the indigo-ray body; in ancient Egypt, the ka was one’s double-form or astral self.

Kether πŸ”
Hebrew word for β€œcrown,” referring to the 1st station on the Tree of Life.

Kundalini πŸ”
A Sanskrit term for the coiled divine energy at the base of the spine. Ra defines awakening the kundalini as raising the meeting place of cosmic and inner vibratory understanding.

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Lacuna πŸ”
Unfilled space, a gap.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram πŸ”
A ceremonial magic ritual devised and used by the original order of the Golden Dawn. (Referred to as β€œBanishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram” by Don and Ra.)

Leitmotif πŸ”
An element that is frequently repeated in a work and often serves as a guiding or central element within the work.

Lemuria πŸ”
Also called β€œMu.” According to Ra, a land mass that sank about 50,000 years ago due to tectonic plate movement; a part of the population survived and migrated.

Limen πŸ”
Threshold; point of entrance.

Limn πŸ”
Paint, etch, delineate.

Logos πŸ”
The Creative Principle or Love. According to Ra, the Logos is the second distortion of Intelligent Infinity.

Lupoid πŸ”
Resembling lupus; Ra is referring to lupus erythematosus.

Lupus erythematosus πŸ”
An autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own healthy tissues; symptoms range from mild to severe.

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Maldek πŸ”
According to Ra, a planet that used to be part of our solar system, apparently where the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is.

Malkuth πŸ”
Ra refers to Malkuth as the Earth vibratory energy complex or the red-ray complex; Hebrew word for β€œkingdom,” referring to the tenth station on the Tree of Life.

Mark Probert πŸ”
(1907–1969) American trance medium. Author of The Magic Bag.

Matinal πŸ”
In the morning.

Matrix πŸ”
An environment in which development occurs, a surrounding medium or structure.

Mentation πŸ”
Mental activity, thinking.

Mesopotamia πŸ”
A historical region of Western Asia situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river system.

Metaphysical πŸ”

Milieu πŸ”
Social and cultural surroundings.

Mind/body/spirit complex πŸ”
The mind/body/spirit after the veiling process; a self-aware, incarnated being.

Misprision πŸ”
1) Neglect or wrong performance of official duty; 2) Misunderstanding, misinterpretation.

Moiety πŸ”
One of two (approximately) equal parts.

Moishe πŸ”
Yiddish form of the name β€œMoses”.

Motile πŸ”
Capable of movement.

Mu πŸ”
Also called β€œLemuria”; according to Ra, a land mass that sank about 50,000 years ago due to tectonic plate movement; a part of the population survived and migrated.

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Nephrotic syndrome πŸ”
A collection of symptoms that indicate damage to the kidney’s filtering system.

Netzach πŸ”
Hebrew word for β€œvictory,” referring to the 7th station on the Tree of Life.

Nexus πŸ”
Connection; a connected group or series.

Nimiety πŸ”
Excess, superfluity, plenty.

Nomer πŸ”
Name (not a word in current use, but β€œnomer” may be a variant of the Latin β€œnomen,” which means β€œname”).

Nonce πŸ”
The present.

Noumenal πŸ”
The thing in itself as opposed to the thing as it appears to an observer.

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Oahspe πŸ”
Oahspe β€” A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Ambassadors (1882) was written through a form of channeling called β€œautomatic writing”.

Oriflamme πŸ”
Inspiring principle, ideal or symbol; banner carried in medieval times.

Original Thought πŸ”
According to Ra, the Logos; the generation by the Creator of Itself into the plenum through which It may know Itself; the harvest of all previous experience of the Creator by the Creator.

Otic πŸ”
Relating to the ear.

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Papain πŸ”
From papaya fruit, a substance that helps the stomach digest proteins.

Pejorative πŸ”
Having negative connotations.

Perforce πŸ”
By necessity; by force of circumstance.

Pericles πŸ”
A 5th-century BCE Greek statesman, orator, and military leader known for advancing the arts, literature, and a democratic form of government.

Piezoelectrical πŸ”
Pertaining to piezoelectricity, the electricity produced when certain materials (such as crystals) are subjected to pressure or heat.

Plebeian πŸ”
Crude or coarse in manner or style.

Plenum πŸ”
Space filled with matter.

Poignant πŸ”
Arousing deep emotion; pointed, striking.

Polarize πŸ”
Move towards a pole; in the context of spiritual evolution, move either towards service to others (positive) or service to self (negative).

Polymorphous πŸ”
Varying much in appearance, form, or structure.

Potentiator πŸ”
That which makes powerful, intensifies, or increases effectiveness.

Prana πŸ”
The life force or vital energy.

Preponderance πŸ”
The majority.

Proem πŸ”
Preface or preamble; opening apology.

Propinquity πŸ”

Propitious πŸ”
Giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.

Proximally πŸ”
Most nearly; most directly.

Psychotronic πŸ”
Electromagnetic devices able to interface with consciousness or thought.

Puissance πŸ”
The power to accomplish or achieve; potency.

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Redound πŸ”
Contribute to credit.

Ribbands πŸ”
Ribbons used as decoration.

Riffled πŸ”
Turn over something, especially the pages of a book.

Riven πŸ”
Broken, pierced or torn.

Royal Road πŸ”
The Royal Road β€” A study in the Egyptian Tarot; Key to Sacred Numbers and Symbols (1951) by George Fathman.

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Sadducee πŸ”
The Sadducees were a branch within Judaism from the 2nd century BCE through 70 CE.

Salubrious πŸ”
Conducive or favorable to health or well-being.

Sephiroth πŸ”
In Kabbalah, the 10 attributes/emanations through which the Infinite reveals Itself and continuously creates the universe.

Seriatim πŸ”
Point by point, one after another.

Sigil πŸ”
A symbol created for a specific magical purpose.

Significator of the Mind πŸ”
Ra’s term for the Hierophant, Arcanum 5 of the tarot. According to Ra, it is β€œthe heart of the mind complex ... that dynamic entity which absorbs, seeks, and attempts to learn.”

Significator of the Spirit πŸ”
Ra’s term for the Sun, Arcanum 19 of the tarot. According to Ra, it is β€œthat living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.”

Sine Wave πŸ”
A mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation.

Solar plexus πŸ”
The yellow-ray or third chakra area of the body; β€œthe pit of the stomach,” just below the sternum or breastbone.

Sons of Levi πŸ”
Refers to the biblical Levites, a tribe given special status and responsibilities among the tribes of Israel.

Space/time πŸ”
Ra’s term for what we experience as our physical reality.

Stannous πŸ”
Of, pertaining to, or containing tin.

Stria πŸ”
A thin, narrow groove or channel.

Stricture πŸ”
A rule restricting behavior or action; a restraint, restriction or binding.

Subtile πŸ”
Rare, delicate, fine.

Sumer πŸ”
An ancient civilization of the 5th-2nd millennium BCE; located in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, in modern-day southern Iraq.

Supplicant πŸ”
One who asks for something humbly and earnestly.

Supraluminal πŸ”
Faster than the speed of light.

Sutras πŸ”
A genre of foundational philosophical and religious literature.

Sympathetic spasms πŸ”
Sympathetic refers to the sympathetic nervous system: the part of the autonomic nervous system that is concerned especially with preparing the body to react to situations of stress or emergency.

Synergic πŸ”
Pertaining to cooperative interaction or working together.

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Tau πŸ”
The 19th letter of the Greek alphabet (Ο„). In heraldry, a type of cross called a β€œtau cross.”

Teleological πŸ”
Concerning the purposes a thing or entity serves rather than the postulated causes.

Tesseract πŸ”
The four-dimensional analog of a cube.

Thales πŸ”
A 7th-century BCE Greek philosopher.

Threnodies πŸ”
Poems or songs of lamentation.

Thought-form πŸ”
A manifestation created by thought.

Timbrel πŸ”
An ancient percussion instrument similar to a tambourine.

Time/space πŸ”
Ra uses the term to refer to 1) time and 2) the environment of the inner planes and unseen worlds; the reciprocal of space/time (our current reality).

Tiphareth πŸ”
Hebrew word for β€œbeauty,” referring to the 6th station on the Tree of Life.

Tocsin πŸ”
Alarm sounded by bell, a warning signal.

Traduce πŸ”
1) Misrepresent, defame (not Ra’s meaning, but the usual one). 2) Transmit, translate, pass into another form of expression - (archaic, but Ra’s intended meaning).

Trostrick πŸ”
Antagonist in The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater, written in 1968–69 by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert.

Tunguska πŸ”
Massive 1908 explosion in remote Siberia; according to Ra, the result of intentional detonation by the Confederation of a malfunctioning Confederation device.

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Ur πŸ”
A city-state of southern Mesopotamia in the 4th-1st millennium BCE, in modern-day Iraq.

Urantia πŸ”
The Urantia Book (1955); a collection of philosophical and spiritual transcriptions from an anonymous person who channeled while asleep.


Ve Geburah πŸ”
β€œAnd the Power” in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Ve Gedulah πŸ”
β€œAnd the Glory” in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Veil πŸ”
The permeable or penetrable separation between the conscious and subconscious mind.

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Welter πŸ”
A confused mass; a jumble.

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Yesod πŸ”
Hebrew word for β€œfoundation,” referring to the 9th station on the Tree of Life.

Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh πŸ”
Hebrew letters of the Pentagrammaton, YHSHVH; Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeheshuah or Jehoshua.

Yod Heh Vau Heh πŸ”
Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH; Hebrew name for an aspect of God; Yahweh.

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Zeta Reticuli πŸ”
A binary star system (two stars that orbit each other) in the southern sky constellation of Reticulum.

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